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Strategies for Winning Online Slot Tournaments

There are some key differences when you compare online slot tournaments with tournaments found at land-based casinos. While our Slot Tournament Strategy section covers the key points for all tournaments this section focuses on strategies and tips for tournaments online.

How to Win

Once you start playing a tournament there is nothing you can do other than making sure you get the highest possible amount of spins in the allocated time. There is absolutely nothing you can do to influence the results on the reels. This means all you need is luck to win slot tournaments online. We do have a couple of tips for you and some suggestions for re-buys and continues.

Quick Tips for Online Tournaments

  • Make sure your computer can run the software and connect without any issues
  • If you have never played a tournament before start with free tournaments
  • Once you start playing do not stop spinning until the time runs out
  • In general auto play is not available during tournaments so prepare for a lot of clicking
  • If you pre-register for a tournament make sure you keep a note of the start date and time
  • Use re-buys and continues wisely
  • If you want a better chance of winning try tournaments with less players
  • Join multiple casinos to get access to the most tournaments

Using Re-Buys and Continues

Unlike land-based tournaments where you will not always have the options of re-buys, online tournaments quite commonly offer you this option. Casinos using the Microgaming software platform also offer a different type of re-buy known as a Continue. There is a big difference between the two.

Re-buys give you another shot at a tournament although as the name indicates you have to pay a fee to get that chance. The fee varies from tournament to tournament. Whether or not you should re-buy is a personal choice. In our opinion you should only ever re-buy if you find that the top scores are low. This means that the re-buy still gives you a shot at winning the top prize.

Continues are unique to Microgaming tournaments and offer the chance to as the name suggest's continue where you stopped when the time ran out. This means that for a fee you can increase your score for the tournament. This make continues a more popular option compared to re-buys. Having said that it is only really worth using a continue if you have a good score to start with.

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