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How To Play Slots

If you are planning on playing in slot tournaments then it is pretty clear you will need to know how to play slots. Luckily slot machines are a very easy casino game to learn how to play and this article teaches you all you need to know to get started spinning those reels both at online casinos and at traditional land-based casinos.

To play a slot machine you will first need to get some credits on the game. This is done by either dropping coins into the coin acceptor or sliding notes into the bill acceptor. If you are playing a tournament the credits will be added to the machine by the casino. Once you have credits in the machine you are ready to start playing.

If you are playing a classic three reel slot you will have a few buttons and a handle on the side. The buttons relate to the amount of coins you want to bet. Pressing the Max Bet button instantly bets the maximum amount of coins and activates the reels. Pressing the Coin buttons varies the amount of coins per spin and the Play or Spin button activates the reels. Most machines remember your last bet so you do not have to select the amount of coins on ever spin. Simply pressing the spin button or pulling the handle repeats the last bet.

If you are playing a video slot you will notice that there are a lot more buttons compared to a classic slot. Most of the buttons relate to amount of coins and amount of lines as most video slots have multiple lines and betting options. Again the Max Bet button plays the maximum amount of coins and activates the reels. If you want to play less than max bet you select the desired lines and coins and then press spin.

In general you should always plax max bet which means you can get spinning by pressing just one button. The reason you should play max bet is that most slot games offer an added bonus for playing maximum coins. This may be in the form of a bigger jackpot or in the case of progressive slots you can only win the progressive if you play max bet. During a tournament you should always play max bet as your aim is to get the biggest wins possible.

Unlike some other casino games such as blackjack and video poker there is no need to learn a strategy to play slots. In fact there is no strategy that can help you win on slots. It is simply a case of getting the reels spinning and hoping for a win. The only thing that you control when playing slots is the amount you bet - everything else is random.

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