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Ten Common Slot Machine Myths

There are more myths relating to slot machines than any other casino game. This is due to the fact that most players don't take the time to learn how slot machines work. Once you know how slots work you can easily identify what is myth and what is fact. Some common myths are discussed below.

Myth 1 - If a machine has not paid out for a while it must be due to hit

A slot machine is never "due" to hit. Each and every spin has exactly the same chance of winning the jackpot as the last spin and the next one. There is no set amount of spins between jackpots programmed into the games.

Myth 2 - There is no point playing a slot that has just paid out a jackpot

The reverse of Myth 1 is also false. The chances of winning a jackpot are exactly the same on the spin after the last jackpot and the spin after that. The odds of winning do not change based on the amount of coin in or the amount paid out.

Myth 3 - It is better to pull the handle than press the button

The way you activate the reels has no effect on the outcome. In fact pulling the handle and pressing the buttons does exactly the same thing. It sends a message to the slot to select a combination and then spin the reels. The handles have been left on purely for nostalgic value.

Myth 4 - The odds of winning are better on three reel slots compared to five reel slots

While it might seem that it is easier to line up three symbols compared to five symbols for a jackpot this is incorrect. The odds of winning cannot simply be determined by the number of reels. In reality the odds of winning on the two types of slots are in most cases very similar.

Myth 5 - If the slot machine feels hot it will pay out soon

This would be great if it was true seeing as you could just walk around and find the hot machines. Unfortunately the only reasons some machines feel hot to touch is due to the light bulbs inside them heating up the outside. This is less common today as the bulbs inside give off less heat.

Myth 6 - I left a machine and another player came along and won - they got my jackpot!

This is something we hear on almost every visit to the casino. The fact is that even if you had of continued playing you probably would have not won the jackpot. This is because you would have had to press the spin button at exactly the same millisecond as the other player.

Myth 7 - All symbols have the same odds of appearing

If there was only one of each symbol on the reels this would be true but this is never the case. Modern three reel slots can have thousands of virtual stops and repeated symbols. The same is true for video slots where you will see the low paying symbols appearing multiple times on the reels.

Myth 8 - It's possible to be a professional slot player

This depends on what you consider a professional. If you think you can make a living by playing slot machines you are very likely to succeed. The problem is that all slots have a payout percentage of less than 100% so you would most likely go broke in the long run unless you hit a massive jackpot.

Myth 9 - Casinos change the pay outs on their slots at different times / days

This does not happen for a couple of reasons. First the laws often prohibit this and second most slot games come from the factory with just one payout setting. This means for a casino to change the payout on a game they would have to get a new machine which is obviously not a daily event.

Myth 10 - You can find a machine that is going to hit based on the symbols on the reels / screen

This myth is the source of a lot of slot machine systems. Unfortunately you cannot tell what a slot will do based on what is on the reels. In fact all you are seeing on the reels are the results of the last spin and as we know each spin is in no way related to the last spin.

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