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This section covers the most commonly asked questions about slot tournaments at casinos. For questions about online tournaments please see our Online Tournaments FAQ. As always if you have any question that is not answered in are FAQ sections then please feel free to Contact Us.




How do I find out when tournaments are on?

Up until now the only way you were able to find out when tournaments were taking place was to either be a member of the various casino VIP programs or to visit the casino web sites hoping to find tournaments. Now with you can easily find tournaments in Las Vegas and Around the World with our tournament database.

How do I determine the value of a tournament?

You have to look at the prize pool, the buy-in cost and the number of players in the tournament. You can then work out whether the tournament is worth entering based on the chances of winning and the cost of entering. You will also find that many tournaments offer added extras such as rooms included or meals. All of these features increase the value of entering.

Should I re-buy if the option is offered?

The option to re-buy is often offered in big tournaments. Quite simply you pay a second fee to have another shot at the tournament. We suggest only re-buying if the top scores are low seeing as this still gives you a chance at winning the top prize. If the scores already include top jackpots then it is probably not worth re-buying since you will have less chance at getting the top prize.

How do I get entry into VIP or Comped Tournaments?

Quite often the best tournaments are invitation only. To get invited you need to be a carded player at the casino and earn a certain number of points. This of course varies from casino to casino and from tournament to tournament. We suggest talking to a casino host to determine how much carded play you require to get invited to tournaments.

How do I work out the odds of winning a prize?

This is quite simple as long as you have two pieces of information. You need to know how many prizes are offered and how many players are taking part in the tournament. For example if you have 200 players in a tournaments and there are prizes for the top 50 players you have a 1 in 4 chance of at least winning something. You have a 1 in 200 chance of winning the top prize.

How can I speed up the machine when playing a tournament?

In general you should try to press the spin button as soon as the previous spin is completed. Most machines will skip the win count up if you press the button so this will be the fastest way to play. In some cases you have to wait for wins to count up so your aim then is to press the spin button as soon as the win stops counting up.

Is there a good strategy for slot tournaments?

Unfortunately there is no strategy that will help you win tournaments. We have listed some quick points to help you get the most out of tournaments in our Tournament Strategy section.

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